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Fashion Souvenirs may come in all shapes and sizes, colours and materials. While clothing items like T-shirts and shirts remain popular, accessories like bags, scarves and badges are perhaps more easily packed in a suitcase. Accessorizing your outfit with a small memento of your travels is also a simple and effective way of demonstrating a national affiliation or aspirations of cosmopolitanism.
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Wallet embossed with a map
of the Maltese Islands, with Maltese Cross detail, gift to the collector, Malta, mid-to-late 1990s

Fan with black lace edging featuring musicians, flamenco dancers and matadors, purchased from Regalos Madrid Souvenirs y Complementos de Moda, Madrid, Spain 2008

Cotton tote bag with Reindeer landscape, obtained from S.N.A Fashion Link, Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden 2008

Man's hand-held pouch in imitation leather, featuring
a map of Malta and Gozo, gift
to the collector, Malta 1989
or 1990

Dodo hand-made leather key-ring, gift to collector, Mauritius 2008

Holland ceramic badge with windmill design, possibly made in Delft, manufacture date unknown, obtained from a flea-market in Amsterdam Noord, the Netherlands 2009

Y Draig Coch Welsh Red Dragon enamel badge, obtained from Caerphilly or Swansea, Wales, early 1990s

South Africa Flag Badge hand-beaded with large safety-pin fastening, purchased in Cape Town, South Africa 2009

Y Draig Coch knitted green winter hat, with Welsh Red Dragon motif, provenance unknown, gift to collector, Wales, early 1980s

I love London large black shopper bag, with printed logo, purchased in London 2009