Fashion Souvenirs is a collaborative open-submission exhibition. To further explore the intriguing world of the Fashion Souvenir we would like to invite you to participate by sending us a picture of your own favourite Fashion Souvenir. This can be a favourite T-shirt from Florida, an embroidered shirt from the Ukraine, a beautiful scarf from India, or the funny hat Aunty Mary brought
back as a present from Turkey. The more exotic, stylish, unusual and curious
the better!

We would also like to hear more about your Fashion Souvenir. Here are some suggestions for comments or stories we would like to hear about and to share
with our fellow aficionados of the Fashion Souvenir:

Why and where did you buy it?
Did you buy your souvenir yourself, or was it a present from someone else?
Do you still wear your souvenir? If so, why?
How does it make you feel to buy and wear your souvenir?
Is the 'authentic' quality of your souvenir important to you?