To launch the Fashion Souvenirs exhibition, and in celebration of our vibrant and stylish home city, we decided to focus on a London theme. As London is also celebrating 25 years of London Fashion Week, it's also a timely opportunity to celebrate the diverse icons and slogans used to promote London. Union Jacks, 'Mind the Gap', Beefeaters and police men's helmets have all inspired and been re-invented by London's fashion designers at some point. Today, they continue to decorate the clothing and accessories our visitors take home with them as a memento of their time in our city.
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Details clockwise from top left:

Ane and Elsa, friends from Spain, visiting the British Museum, Wearing 'I love London' hooded tops bought on their first visit to the city

A selection of children's t-shirts, turning fearsome Beefeaters, police officers and bear-skin hat wearing cavalry officers into cuddly, cute teddy bears.

Aleksandr, from Russia, relaxing in Leicester Square, wearing grey cotton 'London-England' T-shirt with Union Jack Flag

A wall of souvenir T-shirts showcasing the many visual icons of London, Union Jacks, Big, Ben, The London Eye, Tower Bridge, and Nelson's Column.

Miriam, from Germany,
in a very sunny Trafalgar Square, London Wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with an interesting take on the 'I love London' slogan.

Small patent bags, for
the stylish teenager about London-town.

Takahiro, from Japan, next
to the famous Trafalgar Square Fountains, Wearing navy London-England hoodie with Union Jack Flag patches

Two British fashion icons in one: the Union Jack printed on a plastic bowler-style hat for the stylish, and patriotic, gent about town.

Anonymous young lady from USA, in Leicester Square, London Wearing navy blue 'London-England' hooded top, with Union Jack emblem.

Perhaps nothing sums up the British attitude of creatively 'making-do' more than this classic slogan: 'Mind the Gap'

Jonas, from Germany, wearing London-England Hoodie Trafalgar Square

A wall of hoodies, note the
one with the Union Jack and Royal Crown, and also the 'varsity-style' Oxford University hoodies. Why travel all the way to Oxford when you can get-the-look in London?

Selection of brightly coloured knitted souvenir scarves

Large shopper bags emblazoned with Union Jacks. The harsh strip lighting is typical of many souvenir boutiques.

Milton Glaser's iconic logo adapted for London, note the added stylish edition of a silver pendent on the display for added street-cred.

Two friends from Kazakhstan visiting London on a study trip, Wearing matching Union Jack Top-hats. Note the bells, a nod to English Morris dancing perhaps?

Who can resist the humour
of a traditional London's policemen's hat? Does it really matter the real officers don't wear this old-fashioned item anymore?

More examples of  'I love London' clothing in matt day-time and metallic clubby versions. Note also the G-strings printed with the London Tube.