This month we present
you with a selection of the shopping venues where
you can collect Fashion Souvenirs. From sophisticated brand-name boutiques through to market stalls, from high-culture arts venues to
the traditional, packed-to-the-rafters souvenir shop where you can find a Fashion Souvenir to suit every taste
and budget.
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Details clockwise from top left:

Souvenir Shop, Rokin Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Museum Shop, Museumplein Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Van Ravenstein Boutique Keizersgracht, Amsterdam,
the Netherlands

De Bijenkorf Department Store De Dam, Amsterdam,
the Netherlands

Heritage of Scotland Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland

Thistle Do Nicely near Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland

Wales Centre/Welsh Crafts opposite Cardiff Castle, Wales

Millennium Centre Cardiff Bay, Wales

Lady Day Vintage Fashion Boutique the Netherlands

Souvenir Shop Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden

Klaudia Boutique Signage Dubrovnik, Croatia

Souvenir Shop Sign Paris, France

Paris Forever Ile-de-la-Cité, Paris, France

Gucci Boutique and Café Milan, Italy

Louis Vuitton Boutique opposite the Arena, Verona, Italy

Market Stall, Verona Italy

Coming Soon Concept Boutique Arnhem, the Netherlands

Flea Market Amsterdam Noord, the Netherlands

Souvenir Shop Brighton Seafront, Brighton

Harrods Department Store Knightsbridge, London