In the spirit of February's association with St. Valentine this month's instalment of Fashion Souvenirs has a romantic theme. While variations of Milton Glaser's iconic logo I Heart NY are perennially popular, from Paris to Wigan, Brighton to Malta, romantic connotations are often bound up in the mystery of places themselves. Who could resist the romantic connotations of islands like Guernsey or Madeira?
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Details clockwise from top left:

I Heart New York, T-shirt
and badge collection, James Wilkinson

A Romantic Couple, woollen pin badge, Madeira

Guernsey Cotton Bag, Katie Gaudion

T-shirt, featuring an abstract version of the Tour Eiffel, Paris

Souvenir Boutique Ile-de-la-Cité, Paris

Arc de Triomphe Charm Necklace, Paris, Jasmine Falconer

A well-loved I Heart Wigan bag, Martha Todd

I Heart Brighton, badge from Brighton Museum and Art Gallery

Heart Shaped Earring, Henrietta MacPhee

A subversive variation on the
I Heart NY logo, Henrietta MacPhee

I Heart Milan T-shirts, Milan