March is the month for paying homage to both St. David of Wales and St. Patrick of Ireland. In the spirit of this, Fashion Souvenirs celebrates the intriguing mythology of
the Celtic Fringe. From fire-breathing dragons to the evocative patterns of Scotch tartan, the emblems and stories from these mysterious realms provide a rich source for Fashion Souvenir inspiration.
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Details clockwise from top left:

Welsh Dragon Socks, Wales

Welsh Dragon Patch, Wales

Sign outside Souvenir Boutique, Cardiff, Wales

Men's Tie with Welsh Dragon emblem, Cardiff, Wales

Welsh Crafts, Carrier Bag, Cardiff, Wales

Daffodil Thimble, Swansea, Wales

Souvenir Shop, Royal Mile, Edinburgh

Scottish Stockings, Royal Mile, Edinburgh

Scottish Kilt in postcard form, Scotland

Thistle Do Nicely, Souvenir Shop, Edinburgh

Nessie, from Loch Ness or Inverness, Scotland

Nessie's Tartan Bow-tie

Scottish Lion badge, Scotland

Paper bag from Edinburgh Castle, Scotland