For the final instalment of Fashion Souvenirs our attention turns to 'borrowed'
or 'clandestine' gifts. Resorts, hotels, aeroplanes and airports are all rich hunting grounds in which to swipe a pen, commandeer some toiletries from the house-keepers trolley or to pinch perhaps the ultimate Fashion Souvenir of all; the hotel bathrobe. After all, the true marker of a savvy and seasoned traveller is their ability to demonstrate their sophistication and cosmopolitanism, acquiring trophies from exotic locales, gleaned from their knowledge of luxury hotels and local street markets.
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Details clockwise from top left:

Pen Serena Hotel, Nairobi

Pen Le Meridien Piccadilly, London

Swizzle Sticks Sheraton Hotel, Stockholm

Toiletries Sheraton Hotel, Stockholm

Toiletries Hotel Le Standard, Paris

Pen Dyce Airport, Aberdeen

Pen Delta Airlines, USA

Pen Hotel Stefanie, Brussels

Toiletries Big Sleep Hotel, Cardiff

Shampoo Hotel V, Amsterdam

Pen and notepad Holiday Inn Express, Liverpool

Hotel Bathrobe Hilton Imperial Hotel, Dubrovnik

Slippers Hilton Imperial Hotel, Dubrovnik

Cavalli leather wallet street-market, Malta