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Fashion Souvenirs are not always perceived as cheap and tacky, many high-end emporiums and boutiques derive a large source of their income from the tourist trade. Fashion Souvenirs can be found on Via della Spiga or Place Vend˘me, in department stores like Harrods, Lane Crawford or Bloomingdales, at museums and galleries, at the airport or on cruise ships, or even nestled in a hard-to-find vintage store. The silk scarf in particular offers another suitable space on which to embellish the exotic and the unusual.
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Scarf printed with a map
of Australia and monuments and views of famous Australian landmarks, provenance unknown, obtained from
Laura Dols, Amsterdam, the Netherlands 2008

Rialto silk scarf printed
with gondolas viewed from the Rialto Bridge in Venice, made by Hermes, Paris, obtained from Laura Dols, Amsterdam, the Netherlands 2008

Silk Scarf printed with a
design by artist Greyson Perry, purchased from Tate Modern, London 2009

Green semi-transparent silk scarf printed with Prada logo, provenance unknown, obtained from Camden Town Market, London 2003 or 2004

Cymru-Wales knitted football scarf, purchased in Cardiff or Swansea, date unknown