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Perhaps the ultimate Fashion Souvenir of all is the T-shirt, offering a blank and accessible canvas, it is understood by everyone. While the iconic white T-shirt worn with denim jeans was a symbol of rebellion, the Fashion Souvenir T-shirt signifies cosmopolitan worldliness. Printed, embroidered or embossed with symbols of nationality, like coats of arms, flags or ancient signs anchors these garments in the parochial. 'Varsity-style' affiliations to local universities and colleges add an aspirational and intellectual substance to the wearer.
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Details clockwise from top left:

The City of Milano white on black printed cotton woman's T-shirt, purchased from Algani, Milan, Italy 2009

Paris Université varsity-style, grey cotton T-shirt, gift to the collector, Paris, France, late 1990s

Red Light District Amsterdam, blue cotton T-shirt printed with a beer label emblem of
a lady in lingerie and black stockings, purchased in Amsterdam, the Netherlands 2008

Blue cotton T-shirt embroidered with Egyptian hieroglyphic symbols, gift to collector, Luxor, Egypt, late 1990s

Sweden yellow cotton T-shirt, with flag detail on shoulder, obtained from SNA Fashion Link, Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden 2008

I love London T-shirt purchased in London 2009

I love Brighton T-shirt purchased in Brighton 2009

Two Lips from Amsterdam white cotton T-shirt with design by Jan Voss, obtained from Boekie Woekie, Amsterdam, the Netherlands 2009

Swiss Cross white printed on red cotton T-shirt, purchased from Manor department store, Lugano, Switzerland 2009

Navy blue T-shirt with Union Jack barcode motif printed on the front, purchased in London, UK 2009